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About us


Kalye Manila is a 100% family-owned Filipino grocery store. Established in 2011, we strive to bring our fellow Filipinos close to home by offering groceries and services straight from the Philippines. We sell Filipino favorite brands such as Lucky Me, Mama Sita’s, Datu Puti, and Super Q. We also have Balikbayan boxes to ship to every part of the Philippines. To help you keep in touch with your family, we offer cost-saving call packages and money remittance.

In Kalye Manila, our first priority is the safety and health of our customers and their wellbeing. We always greet our customers with a kind welcome and provide baskets and carts to carry products. We aim to show all of our customers what the definition of Filipino hospitality is. We respect our customers, and are glad to assist them with whatever the need. No matter what age, sex, or race, our customers will always be our primary responsibility.

Our goal is to bring home closer to you. The Philippines is vibrant with all sorts of flavors, and we are determined to bring you high-quality Filipino products. All of our products showcase our cultural uniqueness through native dishes. We take pride in our origins and are determined to connect you with loved ones living in the Philippines. That’s why we offer the most reliable services to you when it comes to sending goods overseas.

Together with our customers, we at Kalye Manila strive to bring pride to our lively and rich culture. Mabuhay!